We start in the name of Allah, the creator of universe. He is the all merciful and kind. Peace be upon his messenger Muhammad after whom there is no prophet. Blessings be upon his companions who held on to his way and preserved the din.


Before we start, an introduction is in order. What is LondonISOC?

LondonISOC is short for London Islamic Society

London As in the capital of England and United Kingdom; not the ones in Canada or American (but you already knew that)

I would love to do World ISOC but lets face it is not practical. So I aimed a bit lower and started with my home city; London. This will allow me to give first hand information which you can rely upon.

Islamic As in relating to Muslims – those who hold firm upon the message and the way of the final prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions (may Allah almighty be pleased with them) – the sunnah and the jama’at.

Society As in individuals, groups or institute who are bonded together through a common identity or goal – in this case Islam


LondonISOC is dedicated to helping Muslims to maximise the practice in Islam by informing them of the nature of the city and the resources available to them.

Our mission is to discover all Islamic societies, institutions and resources available in Greater London area for the benefit of the Muslims a large.

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